November 8, 2007

Whatever the thing that set you up

Today I was feeling crappy in the afternoon so I fell asleep, and had a dream about a little town build on a hill. There was one two way dirt road through the town, and everyone in the town was outside talking to one another. It had snowed, the skies were bright, clear and blue... and the snow was sticking. Everyone was drinking warm drinks and smiling... And then Michael walked up to me, gave a little grin, and he hugged me.
It really was a beautiful dream...

I think I'm running a fever... I know I'm not all that sick right now, just upset. I've been a little upset all week and it's distressing because each day it gets worse. I wish I could cope, I wish my body could physically let me, but I know that it will take time before I'll be totally normal. I may never be, but maybe someday I will be able to cope better. PTSD is really a lousy thing to have...

Michael always helps, but right now he's somewhere else. I hope he comes back soon. <3

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