February 24, 2008

the archive


I almost killed myself yesterday going over old journal entries. Yesterday made me aware that I made WAY too many blogs over the years. At least 10, maybe more that I’ve forgotten.
Sheeeeeesh. I looked at from the first blog entry I made, ever, in 2003- all the way to the end of 2007. Anything I thought was significant or something I could look back on and learn from- I posted.

With this in mind: my efforts are of no use to anyone but me. ;___;

Michael came over a little earlier than usual from practice last night, which was nice, but we didn’t really have anything to do so we ended up sitting around for the most part. Ohwell~ Any time with Michael is well spent time to me!

Steph’s back for the weekend, so I’m going to hang out with her today!! :D <3<3

And… that’s about it.

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